Welcome to the InfoBank!

The InfoBank is a webbased tool to facilitate certain administration work in connection with conditions that might influence play and competition and the information may be helpful to many different users. 

The InfoBank may be used to create standardized documents for play and competition at the golfclub such as Local Rules, Conditions of Competition, Competition Regulations and Club Regulations. It gives information about Course Set Up (i.e. how to prepare a course for a competition). One large section deals with markings and their maintenance on the golf course. 

The InfoBank has been revised in accordance with "Rules of Golf 2012-2015" and "Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2014-2015".

Questions about the InfoBank may be directed to Göran Hermes at Golfens Hus (SGF) - goran.hermes@sgf.golf.se or to Håkan Herne (National referee) - 048512078@telia.com

If you want to search for something in the InfoBank you may either use the headlines (on the left side) or use "Search" in the upper, right hand corner.

Good Luck!

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