Competition Regulations SoT § 5.1 and RoG Appendix 1 Part C. Revised 2014-12-31.

In the "InfoBanken" "Competition Regulations" are regulations, mostly of an administrative nature, which regulates the conditions under which a competition is to be conducted. Some regulations can cover all competitions at the club during the whole year and others may be used for a single competition or a series of competitions.

From the Rules of Golf (RoG) Appendix I Part C Conditions of Competition: "Rule 33-1 provides, “The Committee must establish the conditions under which a competition is to be played.” The conditions should include many matters such as method of entry, eligibility, number of rounds to be played, etc. which it is not appropriate to deal with in the Rules of Golf or this Appendix. Detailed information regarding these conditions is provided in “Decisions on the Rules of Golf” under Rule 33-1 and in “Guidance of Running a Competition".”

A player who fails to observe a Competition Regulation may be disqualified or excluded from the competition and furthermore be reported to his home club for appropriate disciplinary action.



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