Forecaddie Indicates the Position of Balls. RoG Definitions; Forecaddie. Competition Regulation. Revised 2014-12-19.
IN DEPTH: Definitions, Forecaddie: "A" forecaddie" is one who is employed by the Committee to indicate to players the position of balls during play. He is an outside agency."

When the Committee uses forecaddies to indicate to the players the position of balls the forecaddies may use a green flag if the position of a ball is known and a red flag when the position is not known. 

that forecaddies should only be used if the Committee can provide forecaddies during the whole time when the players will pass the place where the forecaddie is position to ensure that the game is played under equal conditions to all players. If this is not possible forecaddies should not be used. 

Note also that for safety reasons a forecaddie can act as a safety-official - click to link.

Suggested wording. This Competition Regulation shall always stand under its own heading.

There is a fore caddie at hole ... and hole ... .
A green flag indicates that the forecaddie knows the position of the players ball; a red flag indicates that the forecaddie does not know the position of the players ball. 













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