Safety Official RoG Definitions, Forecaddie; SGF "Säker Golf". Competition Regulation. Revised 2015-01-20.
IN DEPTH: Definitions, Forecaddie: "A" forecaddie" is one who is employed by the Committee to indicate to players the position of balls during play. He is an outside agency."

For safety reasons the Committee may use a person to inform players when the group ahead is out of range so that it is safe to play. The preferred method is to use a green flag or, in case there are no suitable flags , to wave. A red flag indicates that play is prohibeted even if the player only intends to make a short stroke which will end short of the official.

See also Forecaddie Indicates the Position of Balls - Click to link.

Suggested wording. This Competition Regulation shall always stand under its own heading.

Safety Official
There is a safety official at hole ... . A green flag means that play is permitted; a red flag means that making a stroke is prohibited. Penalty: Disqualification unless circumstances warrant waiving the penalty under Rule 33-7. 

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