Order of Play in Foursome RoG Rule 11-4, 11-5 and 29. Decision 33-1/3.5. Condition of Competition. Revised 2015-02-08.
IN DEPTH: Frpm RoG Rule 29-1. "In a threesome and foursome during any stipulated round  the partners must play alternately from the teeing grounds ... ." 
The Committee may decide which partner (woman, man, child, daughter, son, player with the lowest handicap. club-member and so forth) who shall play from the first teeing ground.

Suggested wording. This Condition of Competition shall always stand under its own headline.

Order of Play in Foursome
In the foursome competition the ladies/men/ ... must play from the first teeing groundPenalty: Match-play - Loss of hole; Stroke- play - two strokes and the side must correct the error by playing a ball in the correct order from the teeing ground (see Rule 20-5).


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