Referees Duties Limited. RoG Regel 33-1. Competition Regulation. Revised 2015-01-03.
IN DEPTH From RoG Rule 33-1: "In stroke play, the Committee may limit a referees duties.
The reason might be e.g. un unexperienced referee or when the validity of a referee may be challenged. Such a referee may only report the facts to the Committee and therafter the whole Committee shall reach a decision. In some competitions every group is followed by a referee who is responsible only for that group. 
Note that the whole Committee should decide on matters such as discontinuance of play, cancelling of a stipulated round or a whole competition or the disqualification of a player or a team. 
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Suggested wording. If this Competition Regulation is part of a list of competition regulations the red coloured headline may be removed.

Referees Duties Limited
The referees duties are limited to the pace of play/report facts to the Committee which makes the final ruling/act as referee for group ... .  

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