Returning Match Play Record RoG Rule 2-3 and 2-5; Decision 2-5/14. Competition Regulation. Revised 2015-02-14.
IN DEPTH: In match play competitions the Committee may issue a match play record to every match which the players/sides must return to the Committee as soon as possible after finishing the match. The record should contain the players names and the result of the match. 

Note that Rule 2-5 states: "Once the result of the match has been officially announced, a later claim may not be considered by the Committee, unless it is satisfied that the opponent knew he was giving wrong information (Rule 9-2b)." 

Suggested wording. This Rule shall always stand under its own headline.

Returning Match Play Record
The players must return the match play record to the Committee as soon as possible. When the players/sides have handed the record to the Committee and left the "Scoring Area" in ... at ... defined by ... the result of the match is officially announced. Penalty: Disqualification of both players/sides unless circumstances warrants waiving the penalty under Rule 33-7. 
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