Stipulated Round in Match Play Play. RoG, Definitions, Stipulated Round; Decision 1-1/1, 2/2, 2-1/3, 2-1/4, 2-4/22, 11-5/1 and 33-1/3; Rule 2-3. Competition Regulation. Revised 2015-02-14.
IN DEPTH: Definitions; Stipulated Round: "A "stipulated round" consists of playing the holes of the course in their correct sequence, unless otherwise authorised by the Committee. The number of holes in a stipulated round is 18 unless a smaller number is authorised by the Committee."  
As to extension of stipulated round in match play Rule 2-3, Winner of Match reads as follows: "If there is a tie, the Committee may extend the stipulated round by as many holes as are required for a match to be won." 
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The Committee may change the sequence of the holes, start a stipulated round at a different hole, omit one or several holes e.g. because they are unplayable or being renovated. Bad weather or lack of daylight may force the Committee to reduce the stipulated round. A stipulated round may not be changed or reduced after the start of the first group in a competition. 
In handicap competitions where the stipulated round has been reduced a players playing handicap should be reduced with 1/18th part for every hole that is omitted

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Suggested wording. This Rule shall always stand under its own headline.
Stipulated Round in Match Play Changed
The stipulated round consists of holes ... /starts at hole and consists of holes ... . Penalty: If the players fails to correct their mistake before they make a stroke from the next teeing ground or in the case of the last hole of the round, leaves the putting green without first declaring their intention to correct the mistake, they are disqualified. If they did not know that their action was a breach of the Rules, the match stands as played.  
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