Teeing Ground in Handicap Competitions. RoG Rule 11-4 and 11-5; S.o.T 5.15. Competition Regulation. Revised 2014-12-09.
IN DEPTH: From S.o.T 5.15 Teeing ground in Handicap Competitions:" In handicap competitions the Committee may, in advance, decide which to every competition class or group shall use. The Committee may choose the same or different competition classes for men and women. The teeing grounds to be used shall be stated in the Conditions of the Competition.  
Note: In competitions which are to be played from the clubs ordinary teeing grounds the following applies: 
That in "Handicap group" 1 women may choose blue (or corresponding) teeing ground;
That in "Handicap group" 1 men may choose white (or corresponding) teeing ground;
That women with "Official Handicap" who,during the year, will be 70 years old or more may choose orange (or corresponding) 
teeing ground;
That men with "Official Handicap" who, during the year, will be 75 years old or more may choose red  (or corresponding) teeing ground;
That boys with "Official Handicap" who, during the year, will be no more than 12 years old may choose red  (or corresponding) teeing ground;
That girls with "Official Handicap" who, during the year, will be no more than 12 years old may choose orange (or corresponding) teeing ground
That players with "Official handicap" and who have severe functional disabilities may choose a forward teeing orange/red (or corresponding) teeing ground. This applies only on the players own club ("home club") and must be sanctioned by the Committee.  
A players choice of teeing ground shall be made not later than when the player signs up for the competition.
Note: If the Committee, will not let the players choose teeing grounds in a certain competition, the following Condition of Competition can be used: All women with "Official Handicap" must, regardless of age, play from the red teeing ground (or corresponding) and all men from the yellow teeing ground (or corresponding)." 

The Committee may, for any competition, decide teeing grounds that are to be used by the players in every handicap group and may also decide wether a competition shall have the same or different teeing grounds for men and women, junior players or senior players, club members or guest players and so forth.
The Committee may also give the players the right to use any teeing ground they want (usually only in match play competitions).
The players "exact EGA handicap" or "EGA exact Competition Handicap" must be recorded on the scorecard under Rule 6-2b. Furthermore, in stroke play competitions the players must record which teeing ground that has been used. In foursome-competitions the Committee can decide which partner who shall play from the first teeing ground. - click to link.
Note that a Committee should not alter the recommendations concering players right to use a certain teeing ground set forth in SoT § 15.5 Note.

Suggested wording. This Competition Regulation shall always stand under its own headline.

Teeing Ground in Handicap Competitions
Regardless of age all women must play from the red teeing ground or corresponding and all men must play from the yellow teeing ground or corresponding. The exceptions from this in the "Spel- och Tävlingshandboken" § 5.15 applies if the Committee has not decided otherwise for a specific competition

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