Team Captain Part of the Team. RoG, Rule 8/-2 Note, Decisions 33-1/11.5 and 8/2. Condition of Competition. Revised 2014-12-09.
IN DEPTH: When the team captain is deemed to be a player in the team, not an outside agency, a player or the team may be penalized in situations where the playing team captain, during the stipulated round, breaks a Rule i.e. exerts influence on a ball (Rule 1-2); unduly delays play (Rule 6-7); gives advice (Rule 8-1) improves the position or lie of a ball (Rule 13-2) or moves a ball at rest (Rule 18-2). 
Note: When the team captain plays in the competition he may only give advice to his partner in a foursome or four ball. When the team captain has finished his stipulated round he may give advice to other members of his team. 

Suggested wording. This Rule shall always stand under its own headline.

Team Captain Part of the Team
The team captain is, during the stipulated round, a player in the team and not an outside agency. Penalty: The player/s or, in some circumstances, the team is responsible for any breach of the Rules by the team captain. 
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