Conforming Golf BallsRoG Rule 5-1 Note, Appendix I Part C 1b; Decision 5–1/1.5. and Decision 5-1/2. Condition of Competition. Revised 2015-01-02.
IN DEPTH From Appendix I Part C 1b: "On its website, the R&A issues a List of Conforming Golf Balls that lists balls that have been tested and found to conform with the Rules of Golf.
If the Committee wishes to require players to play a model of golf ball on the List, the List should be made avaible and the following Condition of Competition used."
Note: This Condition of Competition shall be used only in competitions where expert players participate.
Suggested wording. This rule shall always stand under its own headline.

Conforming Golf Balls
The ball the player plays must be named on the current List of Conforming Golf Balls issued by the R&A. Penalty: Disqualification.
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