Practice Prohibited on the Competition Course in Match Play RoG Rule 7-1 Note. Condition of Competition. Revised 2015-01-02.
IN DEPTH From RoG Rule 7-1a: "On any day of a match play competition, a player may practise on the competition course before a stipulated round.
Rule 7, Note: "The Committee may, in the Conditions of A Competition (Rule 33-1), prohibit practice on the competition course on any day of a match-play competition or permit practice on the competition course or part of the course (Rule 33-2c) of a stroke-play competition." 
The reason to prohibit practice can be e.g. that the green-keeping staff must prepare the course, that the course is in a bad condition or that other competitions are being played.

From Rule 33-2c:"Where there is no practice ground available outside the area of a competition course, the Committee should establish the area on which players may practice on any day of a competition, if it is practicable to do so. On any day of a stroke play competition, the Committee should not normally permit practice on or to a putting green or from a hazard of the competition course.
To help to avoid that players in a match play competition, where practice is prohibited on the competition course, practice on any part of the competition course the boundaries of the competion course should be clearly defined. A practice area within the course or a pitch and putt course ought to be clearly defined by refference to stakes, roads, stone walls or out of bounds markings.
Note that the Committee should not allow balls played from a practice area to reach any part of the competition course. - c
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Note that the Committee should allow play on any pitch and putt course and a course which will not be used in the competition.
Note that in match play competitions where the players themselves decides a starting time the Committee may not use this rule (see Decision 7-2/10 a.o.).

More information in "How to Mark a Golf Course". 

Suggested wording. This Rule shall always stand under its own headline.

Practice Prohibited on the Competition Course In Match Play
Before or between stipulated rounds on any day of the match play competition, practice is allowed on the driving range, on or near the practice putting greens, on the practice area at ... and on the ... . The boundary between the competition course and the pitch and putt course/the 9-hole course/the other course/the practice area is defined by ... . Penalty: Disqualification.
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