Paus. Decision 6-8a/2.5. Condition of Competition. Revised 2014-12-19.
IN DEPTH: Decision 6-8a/2.5, Discontinuing Play for Refreshment: "The Committee may not permit players to discontinue play for refreshment for an extended period during a stipulated round. Such a condition would modify Rule 6-8a. The Committee may, however, in the conditions of a competition, permit players to discontinue play for a short period of time (e.g up to five minutes), if it considers there to be good reason (e.g. a danger of dehydration or heat exhaustion in hot climates or a need to warm up in cold climates). However, since the Rules make specific provision for players to play without undue delay (Rule 6-7) and continuously (Rule 6-8a), such a condition is not recommended." 
The condition should specify where the paus may be made e.g. "after hole ... " or "at the refreshment stand after hole ... ". 
Note: During a friendly game, paus and the procedure to let a following group play through, can be regulated in a "No-Penalty" Club Regulation - click to link.  

Suggested wording. This Rule shall always stand under its own headline.

During a stipulated round the player may, after hole ... at ... , discontinue play under Rule 6-8a and take a pause for no more then ... minutes for refreshment. Penalty: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes. 
























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