The competition will be played in accordance with the R&A:s ”Rules of Golf 2008-2011”, the Nordea Masters Tour Hard Card Conditions of Competition and Local Rules, the Nordea Masters Tour Regulations, the SGF:s General Local Rules and the following Additional Local Rules and Rules of Competition which replace all existing Local Rules and Conditions of Competition at the club.

Water hazards (Rule 26)
a. The lateral water hazard on hole 3 (the left side) and on hole 5 (behind the green) extends to infinity.
b. There is a droppingzone for the lateral water hazard on hole 3 and on hole 5.

Abnormal ground conditions (Rule 25)
a. Damages in bunkers, such as holes, furrows and exposed stones, caused by running water.
b. Ant hills.
c. Deep rut made by a vehicle, but not a shallow indention or compressed grass, through the green.
d. Drains covered by gravel through the green. Interference by the drains with a players stance is deemed not to be, of itself, interference under this Rule.

Obstructions (Rule 24)
a. Distance indicating plates are immovable obstructions.
b. If a bush or a tree, identified by a stake, interferes with a player’s stance or the area of his intended swing, the ball must, without penalty, be lifted and dropped in accordance with Rule 24-2b (Immovable Obstruction). Exception: A player may not obtain relief under this Rule if (a) it is clearly unreasonable for him to make a stroke because of interference by anything other than the tree or (b) interference by the tree would occur only through use of an unnecessarily abnormal stance, swing or direction of play.

Areas where practice is allowed (Rule 7-1)
Before or between a stipulated round or a play-off, on any day of the competition, practice is only allowed on the driving range, on the practice area, on or close to the practice putting greens and on the 9-hole course. Penalty: Disqualification.

Recording area (Rule 6-6)
The scorecard is returned under Rule 6-6b/c when the player has handed the card to the Committee and left the blue shed behind the 18th green marked ”Recording area”. Penalty: Disqualification.

Penalty if not specifically stated otherwise: Stroke play - Two Strokes.  

The Committée
 Function Name 
 Tournament Director and Rules Official  Magnus Atlevi Person SGT 
 Competition Organizer  Christian Hedberg VGK
 Rules Officials  Håkan Herne and Ola Welander SGF
 Recorder  SGT

Players who need a Rules Official may contact a recording official after hole 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 or call 070-567891.

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