Blowers/Brushes/Squeegees for Loose Impediments on Putting Green. GoRaC 6.8 and Decision 33/1. Temporary Local Rule. Updated 2014-11-30.
IN DEPTH: From Decision 33/1
: If loose impediments e.g. acorns, pine-needles,  leaves or sand accumulates on a putting green the Committee may do what is necessary to eliminate the condition without suspending play. It might e.g. use blowers, brushes, rakes or squeegees. In such cases, the Committee may, when necessary, enlist the help of players to eliminate the condition. However , a player would be in breach of Rule 13-2 if he were to remove e.g. acorns with a blower on his line of putt or line of play without the permission of the Committee." 

Suggested wording. This Rule shall always stand under its own headline.

Blowers/Brushes/Squeegees for Loose Impediments on Putting Green 
There are ...  on the puttning greens and blower/brush/squeegee-operators will be posted at vulnerable greens to assist continuous play. If the ball lies on a green and the player has interference by loose impediments on the putting green the player may either:

(a) take relief, without penalty, under Rule 23-1 or
(b) have the line of putt

Note 1: Such
blowing/brushing/squeegeeing should be done across the line of putt and should extend a reasonable distance beyond the hole (i.e. at least a yard).
Note 2: When a players ball lies on the green the Committee may enlist the help players and their caddies in any
blower/brushing/squeegeeing operation or if blower/brusher/squeegee-operators are not available the players and their caddies may on their own initiative blow/brush/squeegee their lines of putt if their are blowers/brushes/squeegees at the green.

: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes.






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