Ground under Repair Includes Both Part of Through the Green and the Putting Green with Dropping Zone. RoG, Definitions, Ground under Repair, Putting Green, Through the Green;  Rule 25-1b (i) and (iv) and Appendix I A 6. Temporary Local Rule.Revised 2015-12-01.

IN DEPTH: When a ground under repair (GuR) on the fore-green or very close to the putting green extends on to the putting green a player who takes relief must proceed under Rule 25-1b(i) if the ball lies through the green and under Rule 25-1b(iv) if the ball lies on the putting green. As this might lead to procedure errors it might be convenient to declare such an area as through the green. The limit of the GuR can be defined by a white, continuous line which means that the GuR and the whole line is outside the putting green.

Note that it might be almost impossible for a player who elects to take relief under Rule 25-1 to make a stroke from the nearest point of relief. In that case the Committee may introduce one or several dropping zones where the player, as an additional option, without penalty, may dropp a ball in the nearest dropping zone even when the dropping zone is nearer the hole than where the ball originally lay. 

More information in "How to Mark a Golf Course" - click to link and its "Guidelines regarding spray-lines".

Suggested wording. The red-coloured title and the penalty may be removed when this Rule is placed together with other local rules under a specific headline.

Ground under Repair Both on Through the Green and on a Putting Green with Dropping Zone
The area at the putting green on hole ... which limit is defined by white, continuous line is ground under repair (GUR) and part of through the green. If a players ball lies in or touches the GUR, or if it interferes with the players stance or the area of his intended swing, the player may either play the ball as it lies or take relief, without penalty, under Rule 25-1b(i) or as an additional option, drop a ball in the dropping zone/the nearest dropping zone even when the dropping zone is nearer the hole than where the ball originally lay. 
Penalty: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes.


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