Lateral Water Hazard or Water Hazard with Dropping Zone  GoRaC 3.9; RoG, Definitions Water Hazard and Rule 26 and Appendix I Part A 6. Local Rule/Temporary Local Rule. Revised 2015-11-27. 
IN DEPTH From RoG; Appendix I Part B 8: "If the Committee considers that it is not feasible, practical or safe to proceed in accordance with Rule 26 it may establish dropping zones in which balls, with a one stroke penalty, may be dropped when taking relief under Rule 26. Generally, such dropping zones should be provided as an additional relief option to those available under Rule 26 rather than being mandatory".
For more information see the section “How to Mark a Golf Course” - Click to link 

Suggested wording. The two finishing, red-coloured sentences may be removed. The heading and the penalty may be removed when the Rule is placed together with other local rules under a specific headline. 

Lateral Water hazard/ Water Hazard with Dropping Zone
If a ball is in or if it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in the lateral water hazard/water hazard on hole ... the player may proceed under Rule 26, or as an additional option, drop a ball, under penalty of one stroke, in the dropping zone/the nearest dropping zone even when the dropping zone is nearer the hole than where the ball last crossed the outermost limits of the water hazard/lateral water hazard.
When dropping in a dropping zone the dropped ball must first strike a part of the course within the dropping zone. The dropped ball is in play if it comes to rest within two club-lengths of the spot where it first struck a part of the course even if it rolls out of the dropping zone or nearer the hole. Dropping and re-dropping see Rule 20-2 and Appendix 1 Part A 6 Note.
Penalty: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes.
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