Placing Mats The Swedish Golf Federation, Rules Committee (RC), Protocol 2/2012 §4 B. New 2012-11-03.
Qustion: Is a placing mat, i.e, a mat on which the ball is directly placed, in stead of a dropping zone, adjacent to ground under repair or a water hazard/lateral water hazard consistant with the Rules of Golf?
Answer: After consulting the R&A it was established that there are situations where placing is permitted (Rule 24-2b, 24-3, 25-1b, 25-1c, 25-3, 26-1 and 28). However the RC wants to state that the use of a placing mat should be used with the greatest restriction and only when it is impossible to create an ordinary dropping zone due lack of space or where the ground conditions (for exemple stones, rocks or swampy areas) does not permit a dropping zone. 

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