Wrong Putting Green with Dropping Zone GoRaC 3.9; RoG, Definitions, Wrong Putting Green and Rule 25-3 and Appendix 1 Part A 6; Decision 25-3/1. Local Rule/Temporary Local Rule. Revised 2015-12-01.
The committee may use one or several dropping zones when a player, whose ball lies on a wrong puttning green, for safety reasons (eg when a ball lies on the wrong part of a double putting green - Click to link) or to protect an area of the course (eg a foregreen) must take relief under Rule 25-3b. 
Suggested wording. The finishing, red coloured sentences may be removed. This rule shall always stand under its own headline.    

Wrong Putting Green with Dropping Zone/Zones
If a ball lies on a wrong putting green on hole ...  the player must, without penalty, (i) proceed under Rule 25-3 or (ii) as an additional option drop the ball in the dropping zone/the nearest dropping zone even though the dropping zone may be nearer the hole than where the ball originally lay. 
When dropping in a dropping zone the dropped ball must first strike a part of the course within the dropping zone. The dropped ball is in play if it comes to rest within two club-lengths of the spot where it first struck a part of the course even if it rolls out of the dropping zone or nearer the hole. Dropping and re-dropping see Rule 20-2 and Appendix 1 Part A 6 Note. 
Penalty: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes.
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