Environmentally-Sensitive Area RoG Appendix I Part B 2b and Decision 33-8/41. Revised 2014-11-28. 
In depth: From RoG Appendix I Part B 2b: Environmentally-Sensitive Areas (ESA): "If an appropriate authority (i.e. a Government Agency or the like) prohibits entry into and/or play from an area on or adjoining the course for environmental reasons, the Committee should make a Local Rule clarifying the relief procedure.  The Committee has some discretion in terms of whether the area is defined as ground under repair, a water hazard or out of bounds. However, it may not simply define the area to be a water hazard if it does not meet the Definition of a "Water Hazard" and it should be attempt to preserve the character of the hole.
Note: The Committee may not, on its own accord, declare an area to be environmentally-sensitive."
Note: The three Local Rules dealing with environmentally sensitive areas gives detailed information about how to define these areas.
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