INTEGRAL PART OF THE COURSE Revised 2015-01-07. 
RoG, Definitions, Obstructions c: "An obstruction is anything artificial except ... c. Any construction declared by the Committee to be an integral part of the course."  
Note: There may be several reasons for a Committee to declare that a certain construction is an integral part of the course. A construction, that is an obstruction, might significantly affect the way a hole will be played contrary to the design of the hole.
Constructions that the Committee may declare integral parts of the course are the artificial surfaces and sides of roads and paths, elevated sides of tees and greens, concrete-, stone- or wood-covered edges of ponds or ditches, foundations, stonewalls etc.
A player may only obtain relief from an integral part of the course, with one stroke penalty, under Rule 28 (Unplayable ball).












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