Obstruction Adjacent to Boundary Fence. RoG; Definitions, Obstructions and Decision 33-2a/1. Local Rule. Revised 2015-01-12.
IN DEPTH: From Definitions, Obstructions: "An "obstruction" is anything artificial ... " and exception c: "Any construction declared by the Committee to be an integral part of the course.
From Decision 33-2a/1: "If a ball lies close to an obstruction (e.g. an exposed water pipe) which is parallel to, and about six inches inside, a boundary fence (wall) the prohibition against free relief from the obstruction is negated because the player would be entitled to drop away from the fence by taking free relief from the obstruction under Rule 24-2b. If the Committee decides that a player is not entitled to relief from the boundary fence (by Definitions such a fence is not an obstruction and it is deemed to be fixed which precludes relief under Rule 24-2) the obstruction can be declared an integral part of the course and thus not an obstruction in which case the player would have to play the ball as it lies or deem it unplayable."
Note that the same problem can arise when an artificially surfaced path or road, a concrete construction or other obstructions runs parallel to a boundary fence.

Suggested wording. The title and the penalty may be removed when this Rule is placed together with other Rules under a specific headline. The red-coloured sentence about ball unplayable may be removed.

Obstruction Adjacent to Boundary Fence
The ... by/parallel to the boundary fence on hole ... is an integral part of the course.
The ball must be played as it lies or be declared unplayable, with one stroke penalty, under Rule 28.
Penalty: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes.
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