All Stakes on the Course Which Defines Limits Deemed to Be Immovable Obstructions. RoG, Definitions, Immovable obstructions, Note 2 and Out of Bounds and Rule 13-2; Decision 24/5 and Decision 33-8/16. Local Rule/Temporary Local Rule. Revised 2014-08-05. 
In depth: From Decision 33-8/16, Local Rule Deeming All Stakes on Course to Be Immovable Obstructions:"Q. It is proposed to adopt a Local Rule providing that all stakes on the course, i.e. stakes defining the margins of water hazards, ground under repair, etc. are deemed to be immovable obstructions. The Local Rule would not, of course, apply to boundary stakes since they are not on the course. Is such a Local Rule permissible?
A. Yes. However, this is not recommended as it may result in players being penalised under Rule 13-2 for moving such a stake.

Note that stakes which defines the limits of internal out of bounds are fixed under Definitions; Out of Bounds but the Committee should declare that such stakes are immovable obstructions during play of a hole where the stakes does not define the limit -
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Suggested wording. The headline and the penalty may be removed when this Rule is placed together with other local rules under a specific headline.

All Stakes on the Course Are Immovable Obstructions
All stakes and plates on the course which defines limits are immovable obstructions. Rule 24-2 applies. Penalty: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes.
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