Preferred Lies and Cleaning Ball Updated 2015-12-08.
RoG, Appendix I Part A 3b, Preferred Lies and Winter Rules: "Ground under repair is provided for in Rule 25 and occasional local abnormal conditions that might interfere with fair play and are not widespread should be defined as ground under repair.  However, adverse conditions, such as heavy snows, spring thaws, prolonged rains or extreme heat can make fairways unsatisfactory and sometimes prevent use of heavy mowing equipment. When such conditions are so general throughout a course the Committee may use local rules, such as "Preferred lies" and "Winter rules", to promote fair play or help to protect the course." 

RoG, Appendix I Part A 3c, Cleaning Ball: "Conditions, such as extreme wetness causing significant amounts of mud to adhere to the ball, may be such that permission to lift, clean and replace the ball would be appropriate. In these circumstances, the following Local Rule is recommended: (Specify area) a ball may be lifted, cleaned and replaced without penalty.

Note: The position of the ball must be marked before it is lifted under this Local Rule – see Rule 20-1.


Match play – Loss of hole; Stroke play – Two strokes.”

For more information see "How to Mark a Golf Course" - Click to link

Note: To inform players that rounds played under the Local Rule "Preferred lies" may be used for handicapping purposes the following sentence may be added to the local rule:

The EGA-Handicap Rules 2016-2019 states that rounds played with preferred lies may be used for handicapping purposes.
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