Double Putting Green. RoG Definitions Putting Green, Wrong Putting Green and Rule 25-3; Decision 25-3/1. Local rule. Revised 2015-12-01.
In depth: A "double putting green" is a putting green where one part of the green serves as the green of one hole and the other part serves as the green for another hole. A players ball might come to rest a long distance away from the flag of such a hole. Furthermore, if such a green is U-shaped, the player may have to play a pitch shot from the green to reach the right flag. To avoid this the Committee may divide the green by use of stakes or a line and under Rule 25-3 and the Definition; Wrong Putting Green, declare one part of the green to be the green of one hole and the other part of the green to be part of the other hole. The line itself is deemed to belong to the hole being played.
For more information see the section "How to Mark a Golf Course" - Click to link.

Suggested wording. This Rule shall always stand under its own title. The redcoloured penalty may be removed when the rule is placed under a headline.

Double Putting Green
The double putting green on hole ... and hole ... is divided by the ... line/the line between the ... stakes/plates. A players ball which touches the putting green beyond the line/the line between the markings of the hole being played is on a wrong putting green and the player must proceed, without penalty, under Rule 25-3.
Penalty: Match play - loss of hole; Stroke play - two strokes.













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