Provisional Putting Green. RoG; Definitions; Putting Green and Wrong Putting Green. Temporary local rule. Revised 2014-1021. 
In depth: If the Committee finds that one or several putting greens are in very a bad condition, e.g. due to heavy rain, bad grass growth or vandalism, have been rebuilt or need to be protected during the winter ("Winter Green") it may establish provisional putting greens which replaces the permanent putting greens. 
A ball is on a provisional green when any part of the ball touches the provisional green ​or the white spray line used to define its limits.
A hole with a hole liner but without a flag stick on the course is a hole made by a greenkeeper and therefore ground under repair. 
Note: A permanent putting green which, in a local rule, has been replaced by a provisional green is by Definitions a wrong green. A player who makes a stroke on such a putting green is in breach of Rule 25-3. It might advisable to remove the flag on the pemanent putting green.

Note that under the EGA Handicap Rules 2012-2015 rounds played on a course with more than two provisional putting greens are not eligible for handicapping purposes.
For more information see the sections ”Course Set Up” and ”How to Mark a Golf Course”.  

Suggested wording. This Rule shall always stand under its own title.

Provisional Putting Green 
On hole/holes ... the permanent putting green is replaced with a provisional putting green and the limit of the provisional green is defined by a white spray line. The permanent putting green is a wrong putting green under Rule 25-3. Penalty: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes. 
Note: Besides being a violation of Rule 7-2 putting on the permanent putting green may lead to an admonition or appropriate disciplinary action.
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