Wrong Putting Green Prohibited to Drop on the Apron.RoG; Rule 25-3; Decision 33-8/33. Local rule. Revised 2014-10-21. 
IN DEPTH: A player whose ball lies on a wrong putting green must take relief, without penalty, under Rule 25-3. Under this rule the player is not entitled to relief to his stance or the area of his intended swing and the nearest point of relief will be close to the green. To protect the closely mown apron the Committee may introduce a local rule that requires that a ball to be dropped must not only be clear of the putting surface but also clear of the apron of the green

Suggested wording. This rule shall always stand under its own title.The red coloured penalty may be removed when this rule stands under a headline.

Wrong Putting Green Prohibited to Drop on the Apron
For the purpose of Rule 25-3, the putting greenof the ... hole includes the apron surrounding the putting green.
Penalty: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes.  

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