Island in Water Hazard. RoG Definitions, Water Hazard and Rule 33-2a. Local Rulel. Revised 2015-01-13.
IN DEPTH: There can be islands in a water hazard and the Committee must decide whether they are within the hazard or through the green.
If the island is difficult to reach the Committee can decide that the island is part of the hazard and a local rule may be used to clarify the staus of the island (see local rule below). The player whose ball is in the hazard may either play his ball as it lies or proceed, with one stroke penalty, under Rule 26-1.
If the Committee decides that the island is through the green the margins of the water hazard on the island must be defined and in that case there is no need for a local rule. The player whose ball is on the island may either play his ball as it lies or declare it unplayable under Rule 28.
More information in  "How to Mark a Golf Course". 

Suggested wording. The title and the penalty may be removed when this Rule stands together with other Rules under a specific headline.

Island in Water Hazard
The island in the water hazard on hole ... is a part of the the water hazard. Penalty: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes. 
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