Water Hazard Extends to Infinity. Decision 33-2a/11. Local Rule. Revised 2015-01-13.
IN DEPTH: From Decision 33-2a/11: "The Committee may define the body of water as a water hazard, or lateral water hazard, even though it is off the clubs property. The phrase "on the course" in the Definition of "Water Hazard" does not mean on property owned by the club; rather, it refers to any area not defined as out of bounds by the Committee. 
When it is possible for a ball to finish on ground on the opposite side of a body of water, but it is impracticable for the Committee to define the opposite margin, The Committee may adopt a Local Rule stating that when marked on just one side, a water hazard is deemed to extend to infinity. Accordingly, all ground and water beyond the defined margin of the hazard is in the hazard. When it is not possible for a ball to finish on the opposite side of the body of water (e.g. as with a wide river, large lake or ocean), such a Local Rule is not necessary.
In some situations the Committee may decide to define such a body of water as out of bounds for safety reasons (e.g. to prevent players playing from an unstable bank or cliff) or to ensure that a hole players as designed (e.g. not to give the players the ability to play from the beach)." 
More information will be found in "How to Mark a Golf Course" - Click to link. 

Suggested wording. The title and the penalty may be removed when this Rule is placed together with other Rules under a specific headline. 

Water Hazard Extends to Infinity
The water hazard/lateral water hazard on hole ... extends to infinity. Penalty: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes.
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